qTool (Quick Tool) is a collection of scripts I wrote for FFmpeg. They can convert videos to h.264 mp4 (and other formats) quickly. Simply drag-and-drop the video file on the script to convert them. You can also convert image seqence to video, resize, and even setup batch process. Take a look at the user manual for more details.

User Manual (work-in-progress)
[Open in Dropbox Paper]

qTool v2020.01.01

Note: If the above link open as a text document in your browser, please right-click on the download link and click "Save Link As" to save the installer qTool_install.cmd onto your hard drive.

Update Log:
        - updated qTool_install.cmd, added backup option in menu.
        - updated web-video-download.cmd script with better menu system.
        - updated ffmpeg. All related scripts now support PSD file input.
        - new gif-maker script support transparency gif export.